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Our Company is owned by Allsites LLC. The company was founded in 1998 with a plan of bringing information and people together with easy to use web sites and services. In October of 1999 we launched, which quickly became known as the earliest, most accurate provider of US lottery results on the Internet. In autumn of 1999 we started offering our Lottery-Data service for US State Lottery results, to other media outlets.

1 Since the launch of our data service, we have become known as the most accurate, most timely and most reliable service in the marketplace. Our customers include large Internet service providers, leading content syndicators, major newspaper publishers and television stations across the US.

Our Lottery-Data

We first began gathering lottery result data to supply our lottery portal: is a leading lottery result portal, that attracts thousands of visitors each day. When we first launched the site, we used datafeeds offered by companies that are now our competition. We found that we could not rely on these other commercial services to provide the level of timeliness and accuracy required to be a market leader.

Our datafeeds start with our people, who enter all of our data. We don't just run a bunch of automated programs to pull data off other people's web sites. Our data is entered by people, who know where to get the correct results as soon as possible. Of course, we use software to distribute the data to our customers, this is how we ensure 24 hour a day access to the US, Canadian and United Kingdom lottery data. Just to make sure that you're never without data, we have established redundant data servers in different cities. That's why we think we are the most reliable choice for lottery data you can make.

The Eariliest, Most Accurate Lottery Source in America - LOTTERY-DATA.COM