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Custom Solutions for our Customers

We've tried to make it clear that Arbor Media, Inc. is your source for lottery results, but we don't stop there. We can integrate lottery results into your website, host your lottery pages, or create tools to let you do it in house.

Even if Lottery-Data is of little interest to your business, our experience with databases and web technology can help you improve your performance and reliability. Our lead consultant is company President, Fred Weiss who has over 17 years in the computer industry. Mr Weiss wrote software for a leading auto company, a popular specialty retailer and even a medical device manufacturer. Since 1998, Mr. Weiss has devoted his efforts to Arbor Media, Inc. and creating, then operating several popular websites and the company's Lottery-Data Service

Solutions State Lottery Web Sites

Why not use our Internet knowledge and expertise to help you keep your website up to date, up to standard and up to the tasks it must complete? We can help in these ways:

  • Data Entry, Data Updates and Data Archives
  • Night, Weekend and Holiday Administration of your Web Site
  • Mirrored Servers for Outages or Jackpot Related Traffic Surges
  • Distribution of Results Data to Media Outlets
  • Reviews, Reengineering or Research of Technical Processes and Departments

Our expertise can help reduce your costs and those embarrassing outages that bring in so much bad publicity. Contact Us Learn More About our Software Services

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